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Our Physical Security consultancy services provide in depth guidance and recommendations to protect people, assets and locations.

With the ever changing and increasing criminal behaviour throughout the UK, then safeguarding your assets and buildings is becoming even more of a requirement. Knowing how and what to do in terms of increasing security can be a minefield without the correct level of knowledge. Our consultants have vast experience assessing, designing, implementing and project managing physical security, with experience in different industries.

We can assess your assets and provide positive feedback on how to better protect your organisation, assets and staff with a view of looking at multi-layering of security measures that best suit your requirement.

Some example areas of consultation are:

– Conducting security surveys including detailed report on findings
– Access control and locking systems
– Physical and active barriers to deny or delay the progress of adversaries
– Measures to protect people or assets from the effect of blast or ballistic attack
– Measures to protect against or limit the spread of chemical, biological or radiological material
– Measures to assist in the detection of threat weapons, including for example explosives, knives, firearms, chemical/biological/radiological material etc.- Measures to assist in the detection, tracking and monitoring of intruders and other threats, such as unmanned aerial vehicles