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In the past Business Continuity was seen in a one-dimensional way in that there was no link to Business Continuity being thought of as providing competitive advantage to an organisation although this view has changed over the last 40 years. Business Continuity was most related to failures in Information Systems and did not include the broader aspects of an organisation. Moving from this technology mindset, Business Continuity has been incorporated into multiple aspects of an organisation.

Business Guard are responsible for ensuring business clients from many industries remain in service against an array of risks associated with their daily business objectives. Our main services focus on consultancy, impact analysis and crisis management, identifying where such services best suit our client’s objectives and needs. Within each of the services that we provide then our range of activities tends to be wide, with every activity having to be clearly mapped out to identify strengths and weaknesses associated with each activity and in regard to each service.

Business Continuity

It is also vital as an organisation to fully identify the range of threats and risks that you are exposed to, including the risks associated to each threat and by doing so we can reduce or mitigate such risks. When security decision making is done well, it takes account of what the organisation is trying to achieve. Security decision making is part of the overall risk management practice of an organisation, and more so within our own organisation as security is a key element of what we deliver. In terms of what Business Guard are trying to achieve then this revolves around ensuring our clients continue to operate in fragile and challenging environments, specifically in terms of risks linked to theft, internal fraud, criminal damage, natural disasters through to incidents relating to terrorism and serious crime.