Business Continuity Management System

Business Continuity Management System

Why you need a Business Continuity Management System

Firstly, what is a Business Continuity Management System and how does it help my organisation?
Building a business or owning a company can mainly be a positive thing but sometimes it can be quite negative, especially when something goes wrong and we are not prepared for such an incident. Implementing a BCMS initiative is widely overlooked by many organisations although it should be at the top of the list of priorities if we are being truly honest.

Having a Business Continuity Management System will allow your organisation to work alongside industry best practice and ensure that your organisation is better prepared for any eventuality including cyber attacks, natural disasters, supply chain problems, criminal activities and much more. The BCMS will highlight how your organisation should reduce the potential of an incident occurring and also what to do in the event of such an incident – an in depth ‘how to’ guide so to speak.

BCM itself is growing in terms of requirement and understanding of how an effective business continuity consultancy can add real value to an organisation, especially those smaller SME’s that do not have an internal BCM manager. The aim of Business Guard is to provide a service to assist organisations with their business continuity solutions and by doing so increase organisational success and optimise services provision.

Business continuity is much more than a tick box paper exercise and requires a full understanding of the standards and practices to ensure the effectiveness of the complete life-cycle of any BCMS. This life-cycle could include areas such as the organisation, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement. All of these headings can be included under the popular model of Plan, Do, Check and ACT (PDCA).

If your organisation has any queries or would like further guidance on any aspect of Business Continuity then feel free to contact us.